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100% free workshops for businesses

Free business workshops and seminars

Free from Darlingtons Solicitors

Darlingtons Solicitors are proud to offer free two-hour business workshops to businesses within Westminster. Seminars will be highly practical and are ideal for growing businesses, and can be given at your office or in office.

Seminars are aimed at educating staff about common legal pitfalls and risks they can be exposed to. Topics can vary from seminar to seminar and can cover:

  • Basics of contract law
  • How contracts can be varied without necessarily believing they have been
  • What to do if the other party has breached a contract
  • Social media, email, client confidentiality risks
  • Workshops on offer completely free

Darlingtons Solicitors are a modern and forward thinking law firm offering a wide range of specialist legal advice and services to sme clients.

  1. Email quoting **Westminster City Save""
  1. Maximum four sessions per month
  2. Sessions last for two hours
  3. Sessions apply for businesses with 10 or more employees
  4. Subject to availability
  5. First come, first serve basis

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