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30% off Mr Blake's Tree Full of Angels: Soho pub walk

Discover the pubs of Soho

Trails of the City is offering Westminster City Save members 30% off adult tickets on one of their upcoming walking tours:

Mr Blake's Tree Full of Angels

Richard’s walk takes in a famous London department store which had its own local, a pub with an infamous pump on the street outside and a route marked by morbid watering holes.

We plot a course around west Soho: Carnaby Street; Golden Square; Piccadilly Circus and Brewer Street (appropriately). Here we find gorgeous gin palaces, curious pub names and an arm-less Bard.

We also take in a poet who saw visions of angels, a master Italian painter (or was he an imposter?!), a long forgotten historic concert hall and kissing and stripping scandals! This colourful and surprising walk through a lesser known part of Soho relates the history of the area and its pubs with some weird and whimsical stories. It includes pub stops half way and at the end to sample the iconic taverns' wares.

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